Can Bots Hack Your Account on Discord?

Can Discord Bots Hack You?

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The online world can be a fun and interesting place. From memes and interacting with friends to jobs and research for school, there are tons of amazing possibilities on the internet. And most of the time, it's perfectly safe. Most of the time.

In the end, internet traffic, in general, is always going to be a bit untrustworthy. At any given time, there are people looking to steal your info. It’s up to you to be mindful of this, whether it is Discord bots, suspicious links, malicious software downloads, and any other long list of ways to gain access to your computer.

So, the best way is to avoid spam messages and only trust links from Discord official servers. This will keep you as safe as possible from attacks and other suspicious activities hackers use to steal your information.

Stay safe out there.