How to Create a Discord Server

How to Create a Discord Server

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If you've been on the internet recently I'm sure you have heard of Discord. If you haven't, Discord is a free-to-use software with voice and text channels you can personalize to fit your needs.

Hopefully, this guide has shown you how to create a Discord server, as well as given you a few ideas on how to organize and structure your own server.

As your server becomes more streamlined you may want to grow your member base.

You can do this by either manually inviting people using the Invite People option in the drop-down list,

Invite People

or by using Discord’s community function in server settings.

Using Discord's community function in server settings

This option is not for smaller servers.

Following Discord’s built-in guide you can gain access to more tools to help moderate and organize your server the way you need.

So now that you have created your server, start inviting friends and get your community started!