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How to Unban Someone on Discord

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Banning someone is never fun. The banned person loses access to a community they enjoyed because of a mistake or something they said, not to mention the community itself has lost a member. But now some time has passed. Maybe they have apologized or some new information has come forth that showed they weren't really in the wrong.

There are many reasons to unban someone from your server. Maybe you banned the wrong person, or you realized later that the banned member didn’t actually break the server’s rules.

An important thing to note is that bans are IP-based. This means that even if a person makes a new discord account they will be unable to rejoin the server. Their new account will not be able to join from the same IP address.

When you unban members make sure you select the right user. Unbanning a troll or a spam bot may cause some problems you surely do not want to deal with.

When unbanned, a member may not have the same access until they receive a role. Make sure to assign a role (or use a bot to auto-assign) to allow an unbanned user to join voice channels and other areas of the server they can no longer visit.

I hope you’ve learned that bans are not permanent, so when you ban members you can easily get them back on the server and play games or just hang out.