Write an About Me on Discord

How to Write an About Me on Discord

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'About Me' used to be a beta feature on Discord's desktop app and not everyone had access to it. Only a selected number of users were chosen to participate in its beta feature before the final release, such as employees and other randomly handpicked users.

Discord is constantly improving its services offered to continuously give satisfaction and a great experience for its users’ lives. For sure there will be more added features in the future, but as of now, one of its flagship features is the Discord nitro subscription where users can have the ability to set their profile banner and use GIFs instead of a profile picture.

Discord nitro also ables you to change your picture and username per server and add a note that can serve as your ‘About Me’ on different servers. You can find the Discord nitro tab on your user settings.

As Discord strives to improve user experience, we hope you enjoy the platform and its current features in your games, streams, and other cool stuff.