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How to Make a Discord Channel

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Discord has become one of the most popular communication apps on the internet. Whether gaming or getting together for a school group project, the text and voice app is incredibly useful and easy to use.

A Discord server is a great place to invite friends and can be as customized as you want it to be. It can be a place where all your members have exactly what they are looking for.

Whether you want to set up spaces for specific members or give specific permissions to others, the options to do so are right at your fingertips.

Make sure, however, to only allow people with the administrator role the ability to make changes like this, especially on a large server.

Of course, if you are the server owner where you are only inviting friends, it’s completely up to you.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make the perfect topic-specific channel you’ve been thinking of, send out an invite link, and start chatting!