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Discord Old Logo – What Was It and Why Did It Change?

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The popular gaming and chat app Discord is no different. Co-founder and CEO Jason Citron created Discord in 2015 to connect the gaming community. Discord is one of the best social and gaming platforms, offering Discord users everything from screen sharing to instant exchanging messages, images, and videos.

Jason Citron and the Discord dev team have done an amazing job creating Discord, establishing it as one of the best all-purpose communication apps on the market.

In the last five years, not only has the Discord logo undergone a branding update, but the app itself has seen some incredible updates. From everything available to individual users and groups of friends to the organization offered to communities, the Discord platform really does have everything gamers, and social users could ask for.

A Discord server can be a great place to interact, play online games, and build a community. Discord server owners will have an easy time creating spaces for gamers and social interaction with their ability to assign roles, create text and voice channels for related topics, and tons of other amazing tools for community building.

The Discord team made sure to create a recognizable and amazing logo. When users open Discord, Clyde’s smile really lets them know they’re going to have a fun time gaming and chatting with their friends all around the world.