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How to Delete a Discord Server

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A Discord server can be a great place to connect with people. Maybe you made one for a small group of friends, or maybe you created a large community with hundreds of people.

This guide has gone over how to delete a Discord server or transfer ownership of your Discord server to someone else.

A few things to consider before you delete or transfer ownership is that only the owner can delete a server. Once you click Delete Server the final time it cannot be undone and you will not be able to access the server anymore.

You will need to recreate the community from scratch if you ever choose to do so, including setting up channels, user roles, and rules. If you don’t know some of your server members personally, it is unlikely that you will be able to get them to all return.

So hopefully you’ve found this article helpful and can navigate the server’s settings in the Discord desktop app and on your mobile device to delete servers easily.