Best Discord Servers for Memes

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Who doesn't like to browse memes every now and then? Even if you're new to the internet, it's unlikely that you haven't encountered a single meme. And even a person doesn't really enjoy surfing the net, I bet they have seen a meme's incarnation on other forms of media: TV, newspaper, posters, and everything else. It seems that memes have already taken over the world.

Like many other places on the internet, you will find a lot of memes on Discord. While it’s true that memes tend to get overshared and recycled a lot of times, you can trust the internet folks to put a new creative spin on it and you can browse some more.

And with Discord servers, there are more things you can do than just by browsing memes. There are bots you can play and events you can join to win prizes. You can have fun chatting and playing games with other members, too. And who knows, maybe in one of these Discord meme servers you will find permanent friends who enjoy memes as much as you do.